rotten boroughs

Top stories in the latest issue:

More on controversial Tory Robert Davis, and his dedication to preserving the memory of his late civil partner, former council leader Sir Simon Milton.

Tory leader Cliff Jordan advises his troops not to tell the local paper who among them has decided to trouser a generous 11 percent rise in expenses.

The blogger who dared write a true story about a Tory councillor… only to find himself charged by police with ‘harassment’.

More questions for multi-tasking Tory councillor Janet Blake – this time over her involvement with failed broadband company run by the district council.

As the Tory opposition kicks up a fuss over a missing £1.6m, the council is still trying to keep a lid on the ‘Godfather’ scandal (Eyes passim).

So. Farewell Sareda Dirir, deputy police and crime commissioner, appointed by a family friend and council colleague of her mum and dad in Warrington.

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And also...

- Moscow mewls: London’s Russians and those who cash in on them
- Brexit wounds: Meltdown time at the secretive Legatum Institute

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