eye crossword
No. 590 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
1 US era's, er, done for – cheer up! (8)
5 Disaster! Conservative right terrorist group prevails (6)
9 Gallagher's intro in crappy song (5)
10 Everything in western tabloid that gets a pasting? (9)
12 Note: no.1 heartless Trump bill gets backing (7)
14 My! Stinking rich! (4-3)
15 See 3dn. 17 Every constitution's to lapse; nothing to prevent it's going ahead (3,7,2)
22 Tragedy to back arse-licking publication (7)
23 Raided euro finally gets rather ragged protection (7)
24 Daily Mail's no. 2: cert to dissipate moral qualities (9)
25 How unlikely hero Trump finally makes you cry (5)
27 Gone off Balls and his coveted score? (6)
28 Abandoned, he sells out, securing Trump's end (8)

1 Be an editor: dare blithely to be taken to court! (6)
2/23dn./26 Go public with press: "working on drug that might get Trump high" (3,5,3)
3/15 "Unusual screwing – cool!" – but Trump may well ruin it for May (7,12)
4 Republican to admit to suppressing article: "Bush" (5)
6 Place coveted by creepy Piers, made by disturbing types (7)
7 Imagine dismissing extreme right wing international politician's medical aid via backdoor (11)
8 First new European leader ... then hostility (6)
11 Replacement 'new tool' that's somewhat subdued (3,4)
13 Mad emasculated Trump: "Here, pal, pin that on defenders of American values" (6,5)
16 Experiment with gutted tissue fat (4,3)
18 Result of Conservative act that scrapes the bottom? (7)
19 Fiasco, having sex out of bed (5-2)
20 Political party, despicable sort – agree? (6)
21 A first for Donald: past fancy 'suits' (6)
23 See 2dn. 26 See 2dn.

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