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No. 526 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 1st August 2014.
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Entries: Send your completed entries via post to Crossword, Private Eye, Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BN or via email here.

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1 A royal no longer managed to have sex without English conflict (7)
5 "Prat-about-time" with Brenda's web site (7)
10 Prison needs drug supplier who's tied to a dreary office job? (9)
11 Cyclops is back at full strength? Piss off! (4)
12 Somewhat suggestive of Independent in show of embarrassment (6)
13 Brenda has live in pop star – "quite splendid!" (8)
14 Dealer who's in and out with little delay – horny beast! (4)
15 Reactionary part of Clegg's party after Bill's guts (9)
17 "Cable's not for turning" – a fair cop? (9)
19 Swell, being inside first offender (4)
20 Eager to change on the outside, finally Will Self of a different hue (5,3)
22 Miliband's rejected model to get rid of Cameron, maybe (6)
23 Court female responsible for Rex's ejaculation? (4)
24 Hello! tarted up Archer and tail end of Tory party structure? (9)
25 Cut off section of penis ring and behind (7)
26 Who's intent on pursuing sex, going with lecturer? (7)

2 Unwise MP's declaration: "Hislop must go!" (9)
3 PM beating about name (7)
4 Coarse Boris at heart wants love that's disgusting (5)
6 We're broke, relocated as a colonial toiler (6,3)
7 Tosser's drinks holder (7)
8 Hardly a description of Eric Pickles' sad life (butt of Cameron)
9 Referee? Certainly not a team player (13)
15 Up for a bollocking? Hint: it's involved with concealed hard drugs (2,3,4)
16 Lefty lies about his cosy material surroundings and pursuits? (9)
18 Disastrous Eden and fuel fiasco: "less energy required" (7)
19 Pity pisspoor Conservative and Labour leaders, the usual sort (7)
21 Beauty of arse-over-tip travesty of school (5)
22 "Doctor, behind is rough" (5)
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