No. 583 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 7th October 2016. private eye crossword
8 Drink epic julep to get pissed after one (5,5)
9 See 18dn. 10 Encouragement to tennis player, having balls (7)
11 Bride-like, about to give relief during rave? (7)
13 Particulars of loud electronic component splitting re-formed Spice Girls at last (9)
14 Very old (dead?)
Ford model – downfall of Putin's Russia? (5)
16 Party takes Nigel's middle name, the cur's details (3,3)
17 Bloody-minded bastards making a move, rejecting Theresa's lead, right? (6)
20 Cash machine points all round, giving instruction followed by Alice (3,2)
21 To get in with someone is unfair? Vow to get screwed! (3,6)
22 Someone looking over super sexy Brenda (7)
24 Foregone conclusion of Hillary: that is, directed to absorb Democrat lead (7)
25/6 Leavers might need one, no longer getting sex by credit card (4,4)
26 A Corbyn hand book released about booze (10)

1 Risible as a footballer's mate (7)
2 Fixed poll (Labour leader excluded)
, or event showing state of anti-Corbyn MPs? (4,6)
3 Our Theresa got round Gove's last illicit partner (12)
4 Endless rubbish and mendacity – Tory and Labour style intimidation (8)
5 Sun victim: independent coach (American)
6 See 25ac. 7 Rubbish female (with piles)
one married (7)
12 Camp follower approached "right-on" casualty of Brexit (5,7)
15 Wretched Donald's top – cor! right away reporter's down (10)
17 Cemetery bang in US police dept (8)
18/9 Tabloid hogwash, as manifested by Brexit vote (7,4)
19 "Stephen shock" broadcast a number of occasions in the month (7)
21 Bust-up about your out-of-date big shot (6)
23 Head of bank having done a bunk, bear financial crisis (4)

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