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No. 554 by Cyclops
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7 Soldier is contrary during simulated relief – delicate work (8)
8 Shit way to intervene in floundering euro (6)
10 In which big party donors doubtless appear to relish nuts being busted on pocketing House? (3,7,4)
11/6 FBI messed with "OBE" t-shirts? Good luck to 'em! (4,2,7)
13 Soft Obama's behind dope (5,3)
14 Provocative Ms Bercow's possibly lost everything for old flame (4)
15/22 Steered all clear of pussy protector? (4,6)
20 Olive, say, having strain of flu gets pregnant the old-fashioned way (8)
22 See 15ac. 23 Maybe Paris welcomes vaguely lyrical name for a high profile candidate (7,7)
25 Cooler new home for Max Clifford (6)
26 Tight on gas, producing verbal diarrhoea (4,4)

1 Extra pissed bondage freak's exhortation? (7)
2/24 Pissed off 'Tone' – an excellent end! (4,4)
3 Tricky Nixon farts on quitting, getting stick (8)
4 Reject half of Mr Bean with electronic insert (7)
5 Country agent's fit of pique, getting end away after party (6)
6 See 11ac. 9 Trouble taken by lady I'm screwing to provide a rag (5,4)
12 It selects fancy balls (9)
16 Jinxed Russell finally cut down on sex? F-off! (8)
17 Ex-jailbird dumped on society, as heard on radio (7)
18 Dandy's upset over screw – female is the decider (4-3)
19 Anorak's past cracking cryptic clue (7)
21 Even accommodating a large body is flash (6)
24 See 2dn.
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