No. 585 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 4th November 2016. private eye crossword
9 Hillary or Bill, possibly for health reforms (5,4)
10 Trump, apparently unfussy sexually, to leave on time (5)
11 See 17ac. 12 Lives with SNP leader, wearing forlorn sack (9)
13 Ex-football star geezer is match attendant (4,3)
15 Extra-cheap housing for air-tube (7)
17/11 Do fanciful broadcast with "wild tomboy", Theresa May? (6,9,5)
19 Squeal "rent undergarment!" (7)
21 Balls once associated with such capers, wielding canes left and right (7)
23 Nick happened to go wrong around middle of March (9)
25 Rotating instrument for flies (5)
26 He wrote of our absurd situation: "flipping problem with a Conservative leader" (5)
27 Noel with refreshment lacking in 'bottle quality' (9)

1 Old racing driver takes the Eye to be a means of entrapment (6)
2 Nowt wrong with Bush – mad to ignore a sign of rejection (6-4)
3 See 24dn. 4 Having an erection finish without definitive climax is incorrigible (8)
5 Neutralise rotten lay (6)
6 No alibi? Got to get fixed charge (10)
7 See 25dn. 8 Last out conflict with Trump – arse has gone "valiant" (8)
14 Two Democrats implicated in email set fiasco – a troublesome area (6,4)
16 Coach to go in the container provided? (10)
17 Bricks tossed over state Chancellor (8)
18 When Clinton might triumph over Dow Jones central collapse (4,4)
20 Right embroiled in stink, leader having quit (depression)
22 Star group's messy break-up? About time (6)
24/3 Act the tosser with press, as Schwarzenegger would once do (4,4)
25/7 Sun quite lacking, deteriorates: no time for intellectual enlightenment? (4,4)

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