eye crossword
No. 593 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 3rd March 2017. private eye crossword
7 What Tory right-wingers want – dishing 'rehab' dirt (No. 10 involved)
? (4,6)
9 Whip (Conservative) turned pro (4)
10/6 In document row about political party's gloomy prediction for UK? (8,8)
11 Chant without feeling "Popular, familiar Mr Blair" (6)
12/27/22 Britain's leader, short of sordid shit on Commons, possibly produces a sentimental song (5,4,5)
13 Close arse cheek as a teatime treat? (6,3)
15 Shagger hugging women's silk? (6)
17 Divorce around noon: it gives member rigidity (6)
20 Tabloid, following Boris's leader deficiency – " Extortion!" (9)
22 See 12ac. 25 Daily means of seeing yourself for what you are? (6)
26 Taking off Eve 'Bollard' – way out (8)
27 See 12ac. 28 Series on "Balls and organ" gets expert visual equipment (7,3)

1 Rogue Republican-like state (6)
2 See 24dn. 3 Ed's head wedged into once appealing top (7)
4 As racist organised Pence's ultimate way to the top? (9)
5 Quite disorganised, like pussy after sex (6)
6 See 10ac. 8 Royal house: dowdy, heartless and repellent (7)
14 Trump endlessly right about e.g. the fact that he really is president? (4,5)
16 Whole thing goes pear-shaped throughout the dark time (3-5)
18 Toe tentatively dipped in fat – a revealing habit (7)
19 Eden-style cover-up? (7)
21 Laugh like a luvvie hot from new Porsche (6)
23 Spreads legs to create sex stage productions? (6)
24/2 Donald's first Putin arm-twisting, rounding up a victory (5,5)

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Entries: Send your completed entries via post to Crossword, Private Eye, Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BN or via email here.

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