eye crossword
No. 620 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
8 Where to take off the PM having a tiff? (8)
9 Nasty Leroy's centre for the fancy hairdresser? (6)
11/20dn. Defender of Trump, Reagan – file doctored around end of Spring (5,6)
12 See 20ac.
13 "Figure's off menu" – Republican vice president (7)
15 Cancel Cinders after interference (7)
16 "Conservative leader in beachwear – fancy these?": Daily Mail, Sun etc. (7,6)
20/12 Boris: alien – official! (7,9)
22 Sorrowful type, Norm, breaks with EU, being on Right (7)
23 Brenda, over generous, was a ruler aroused again (9)
24 Lie about Corby's end: money (5)
26 Name involved with greed, sex (6)
27 EU spark snuffed after Britain splits (5-3)

1 Excellent rubbing up (7)
2 See 25dn.
3 Our future: rich lend indiscriminately (8)
4 Discuss Theresa's chief absent government representative (6)
5 Merest trace of semen put on hair highlight (6)
6 Be anti-Left, turning shabby (4-6)
7 Petitioned, had fun changing political sides (6)
10 In public, a Russian whose descent was tragic (6)
14 Regular activity of 16: "being creative" about shambolic ruck (10)
17 Records of an arse, without name, Southern (6)
18 Peer prattle about where the Beeb's failed (5,3)
19 Hires gutless guy out – a bit like the PM once (7)
20 See 11ac.
21 Accepted Eden messed up – wanting (2,4)
22 'Progressive' Miliband gets up in the early part of the day (6)
25/2 Disturbing report of ostentatious screw (4,4)

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