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Issue: 795
Date: 5 June 1992

On The Cover: Bomber Harris

Jeremy Clarkson
Issue 1388
20 March 2015
Vladimir Putin
Issue 1387
6 March 2015
50 Shades Of Grey Tax Avoidance
Issue 1386
20 February 2015
Alexis Tsipras
Issue 1385
6 February 2015
Ted Heath George Brown Harold Wilson Ian Smith
Issue 132
6 January 1967
Issue 89
14 May 1965
Quintin Hogg
Issue 48
18 October 1963
Oswald Mosley's Union Movement
Issue 17
10 August 1962
Alec Douglas-Home
Issue 272
19 May 1972
Princess Anne Captain Mark Phillips
Issue 400
15 April 1977
Issue 300
15 June 1973
Ted Heath Christmas
Issue 313
14 December 1973
Ronald Reagan
Issue 635
18 April 1986
Douglas Hurd Colin Moynihan
Issue 692
24 June 1988
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 718
23 June 1989
Margaret Thatcher Denis Thatcher Mark Thatcher Diane Thatcher
Issue 657
20 February 1987
Paddy Ashdown Neil Kinnock John Major Ian Paisley
Issue 791
10 April 1992
John Major Norma Major
Issue 825
30 July 1993
John Major Bill Clinton
Issue 869
7 April 1995
The Queen The Queen Mother Viscount Linley Sarah Armstrong-Jones Princess Diana
Issue 747
3 August 1990
John Major Edwina Currie
Issue 1064
4 October 2002
George W Bush John Kerry
Issue 1117
15 October 2004
House Of Commons
Issue 1235
1 May 2009
Tony Blair Alastair Campbell
Issue 1085
25 July 2003
Christmas Nativity
Issue 1278
24 December 2010
Ed Miliband The Sphinx George Osborne Boris Johnson Prince Charles David Cameron Rock Of Gibraltar
Issue 1347
23 August 2013
Naomi Campbell Phillip Green
Issue 1269
20 August 2010
Gordon Brown David Cameron Nick Clegg Sarah Brown Michael Caine Ed Balls Nick Griffin
Issue 1260
16 April 2010
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And also...

- Radio silence: The other big media group that sat on the tax avoidance story
- Leak stew: Fixers and shady sheikhs emerge from the HSBC shadows
- Telegraph timeline: Inside story of the once-great paper’s fall from grace
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