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Issue: 700
Date: 14 October 1988

Ukip Voter
Issue 1380
28 November 2014
Ed Miliband
Issue 1379
14 November 2014
Army Soldiers
Issue 1378
31 October 2014
Nigel Farage Douglas Carswell Mark Reckless
Issue 1377
17 October 2014
Issue 15
13 July 1962
Harold Wilson Lord Denning
Issue 46
20 September 1963
Christian Barnard Aletta Louw
Issue 195
6 June 1969
Richard Ingrams Ted Heath
Issue 185
17 January 1969
Harold Macmillan Harold Wilson Ted Heath Anthony Eden Prince Charles
Issue 233
20 November 1970
Captain Mark Phillips Princess Anne
Issue 289
12 January 1973
Jim Callaghan
Issue 453
27 April 1979
Princess Anne Captain Mark Phillips
Issue 400
15 April 1977
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 707
20 January 1989
Margaret Thatcher Peter Thorneycroft
Issue 513
14 August 1981
Neil Kinnock Tony Benn
Issue 590
27 July 1984
Wimbledon Princess Margaret
Issue 510
3 July 1981
George Bush
Issue 758
4 January 1991
Pamella Bordes Andrew Neil
Issue 734
2 February 1990
Jeffrey Archer Mary Archer
Issue 862
30 December 1994
Andrew Lloyd Webber Jeffrey Archer
Issue 796
19 June 1992
Richard Branson
Issue 1018
29 December 2000
Gordon Brown George W Bush John McCain Sarah Palin
Issue 1219
19 September 2008
George W Bush Pope John Paul II
Issue 1108
11 June 2004
Condoleezza Rice George W Bush
Issue 1217
22 August 2008
Kate Middleton Prince William Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles The Queen Prince Philip David Cameron Nick Clegg
Issue 1276
26 November 2010
David Cameron Vladimir Putin Goerge Osborne Paul McCartney Stell McCartney Nancy Shevell Boris Johnson Nick Clegg Jeremy Hunt Rupert Murdoch Fiona Bruce
Issue 1320
10 August 2012
David Cameron William Hague George Osborne Theresay May Philip Hammond House Of Commons
Issue 1348
6 September 2013
David Cameron Boris Johnson
Issue 1318
13 July 2012
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Nursery Times: Prince Charmless to continue ‘heartfelt interventions’ when king… Sir Cliff to Raid BBC Shock… Why those Christmas songs are patronising and wrong… The Secret Diary of John Major KG, aged 77 3/4… Geldof joins fight against Plebola… Controversial picture of enormous arse provokes debate… Tony Blair’s Diary, as told to Craig Brown

And also...

- Staying Indoors and Staying Put: A letter from Baghdad
- Health Check: The NHS is still paying millions of pounds over the odds on PFI contracts
- PLUS: Child’s prey – Russell Brand’s Trickster Tales
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