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Issue: 678
Date: 11 December 1987

On The Cover: Christmas

Archbishop Justin Welby
Issue 1381
12 December 2014
Ukip Voter
Issue 1380
28 November 2014
Ed Miliband
Issue 1379
14 November 2014
Army Soldiers
Issue 1378
31 October 2014
Alf Robens
Issue 140
28 April 1967
Lyndon B Johnson Harold Wilson
Issue 88
30 April 1965
Harold Wilson The Queen Pope Paul VI Marianne Faithful
Issue 136
3 March 1967
Issue 69
7 August 1964
George Best
Issue 215
13 March 1970
Harold Wilson
Issue 332
6 September 1974
Michael O'Brien
Issue 323
3 May 1974
Ted Heath Christmas
Issue 392
24 December 1976
Pope John Paul II Robert Runcie
Issue 534
4 June 1982
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 660
3 April 1987
Lord Aldington
Issue 730
8 December 1989
Ian Paisley
Issue 625
29 November 1985
The Queen The Queen Mother Viscount Linley Sarah Armstrong-Jones Princess Diana
Issue 747
3 August 1990
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 737
16 March 1990
Emperor Akihito
Issue 951
29 May 1998
Paddy Ashdown Neil Kinnock John Major Ian Paisley
Issue 791
10 April 1992
Tony Blair Peter Mandelson
Issue 1021
9 February 2001
Tony Blair Michael Howard Charles Kennedy
Issue 1129
1 April 2005
Martin McGuinness Gerry Adams
Issue 995
11 February 2000
Jeffrey Archer Mary Archer
Issue 1033
27 July 2001
Piers Morgan Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade)
Issue 1294
5 August 2011
David Cameron Vladimir Putin Goerge Osborne Paul McCartney Stell McCartney Nancy Shevell Boris Johnson Nick Clegg Jeremy Hunt Rupert Murdoch Fiona Bruce
Issue 1320
10 August 2012
Bob Diamond
Issue 1280
21 January 2011
Boris Johnson David Cameron
Issue 1329
14 December 2012
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Osborne ‘on target to borrow all the Labour policies he needs to win election’… Pub asks Nigel Farage to ‘cover himself up in public with a napkin’… Alex Salmond ‘won’t rule out coalition with himself’… The Picture of Dorian Blair… Tonight on TV: That Mitchell and Pleb Look… Deluded Kim Karkashi Un in US Cyber Attack… Valerie Trierweiler’s Diary, as told to Craig Brown

And also...

- Osborne & Little: What the chancellor didn’t say in his Autumn Statement
- Offshore oddity: The NatWest branches with freeholds owned in… sunny Gibraltar!
- Sparts at war: ‘Blackleg’ on the bitter row splitting Mark Serwotka’s PCS union
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