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Issue: 565
Date: 12 August 1983

Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton
Issue 1390
17 April 2015
Alex Salmond The Queen
Issue 1389
3 April 2015
Jeremy Clarkson
Issue 1388
20 March 2015
Vladimir Putin
Issue 1387
6 March 2015
Issue 76
13 November 1964
Cuban Missile Crisis
Issue 27
21 December 1962
Jackie Onassis Aristotle Onassis
Issue 180
8 November 1968
The Queen Harold Wilson
Issue 206
7 November 1969
Issue 365
12 December 1975
Arthur Michael Ramsey
Issue 227
28 August 1970
Harold Wilson Marcia Williams Jeremy Thorpe
Issue 376
14 May 1976
Lord Matthews
Issue 238
29 January 1971
Michael Foot
Issue 559
20 May 1983
Barbara Cartland The Queen Prince Philip The Queen Mother Princess Anne Princess Margaret Royal Wedding
Issue 512
31 July 1981
Ronald Reagan George Shultz
Issue 624
15 November 1985
Ronnie Corbett Nigel Lawson
Issue 695
5 August 1988
The Queen The Queen Mother Viscount Linley Sarah Armstrong-Jones Princess Diana
Issue 747
3 August 1990
John Major Douglas Hurd
Issue 807
20 November 1992
Bill Clinton
Issue 966
25 December 1998
Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Presley
Issue 852
12 August 1994
Ulrika Jonsson Sven Goran Eriksson
Issue 1053
3 May 2002
Tony Blair George W Bush
Issue 1104
16 April 2004
George W Bush Pope John Paul II
Issue 1108
11 June 2004
Tony Blair Gordon Brown
Issue 1116
1 October 2004
Barack Obama Benjamin Netanyahu
Issue 1372
8 August 2014
David Cameron Nick Clegg William Hague Theresa May
Issue 1322
7 September 2012
David Cameron Florence Cameron
Issue 1270
3 September 2010
David Cameron Nick Clegg Nigel Farage Boris Johnson
Issue 1331
11 January 2013
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And also...

- Stink tanks: Michael Gove and Sajid Javid address a secret right-wing beano in the US
- That’s rich: BBC gives £15,000 to memorial service for multi-millionaire David Frost
- Sex, lies & ferrets: News of the World habits live on at the Sun on Sunday
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