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Issue: 367
Date: 9 January 1976

On The Cover: Harold Wilson

David Cameron Michael Ashcroft
Issue 1402
2 October 2015
Jeremy Corbyn
Issue 1401
18 September 2015
Tony Blair
Issue 1400
4 September 2015
Andrew Neil Susan Nilsson
Issue 1399
21 August 2015
George Brown Harold Wilson
Issue 137
17 March 1967
Issue 69
7 August 1964
Jim Callaghan
Issue 191
11 April 1969
Charles De Gaulle Maurice Couve De Murville
Issue 184
3 January 1969
Groucho Marx Chico Marx
Issue 398
18 March 1977
Keith Joseph
Issue 336
1 November 1974
Issue 320
22 March 1974
Jim Callaghan
Issue 437
15 September 1978
Jimmy Carter
Issue 479
25 April 1980
Leonid Brezhnev
Issue 486
1 August 1980
Zola Budd
Issue 688
29 April 1988
Michael Foot Tony Benn
Issue 504
10 April 1981
Christmas Mohamed Al Fayed
Issue 939
12 December 1997
Robert Maxwell
Issue 781
22 November 1991
Andrew Lloyd Webber Jeffrey Archer
Issue 796
19 June 1992
Cherie Blair Christmas
Issue 965
11 December 1998
Gordon Brown Andrew Marr Baroness Scotland Alistair Darling Harriet Harman David Miliband Boris Johnson
Issue 1246
2 October 2009
Michael Martin Gordon Brown Joanna Lumley Margaret Moran Hazel Blears House Of Commons
Issue 1237
29 May 2009
The Census
Issue 1027
4 May 2001
Prince Charles Prince William
Issue 1038
5 October 2001
Ed Miliband The Sphinx George Osborne Boris Johnson Prince Charles David Cameron Rock Of Gibraltar
Issue 1347
23 August 2013
English Countryside
Issue 1297
16 September 2011
Fabio Capello Prince Charles Anna Chapman
Issue 1266
9 July 2010
The Queen Prince Philip Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles Prince Andrew Prince William Prince Harry Princess Eugenie Princess Beatrice Princess Anne
Issue 1307
10 February 2012
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What you won’t see on the Jeremy Kyle show… Exclusive! Sepp Blatter ‘Spot the Bail’ Competition… Herbie Lies Again: VW Beetle Tells Untruths about his Emissions… Me and My Spoon, with Dame Zaha Hadid… Refugee Crisis: EU ‘To Decide on Agreed Course of Inaction’… Brian Sewell Reviews The Pearly Gates… Donald Trump’s tweets, as told to Craig Brown

And also...

- Dacre v Dave: Editor’s rabid attack on the PM leaves Mail executives aghast
- Lords veto: Why DUP leader Peter Robinson won’t be getting a peerage just yet
- PLUS: Slicker on Lord Ashcroft’s tax exile
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