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Issue: 24
Date: 16 November 1962

On The Cover: Harold Macmillan

Prince Charles Prince Philip The Queen
Issue 1393
29 May 2015
David Cameron Tory MPs
Issue 1392
15 May 2015
David Cameron
Issue 1391
1 May 2015
Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton
Issue 1390
17 April 2015
Harold Wilson
Issue 118
24 June 1966
Harold Wilson Lyndon B Johnson
Issue 78
11 December 1964
George Best Bobby Charlton Paddy Crerand
Issue 201
29 August 1969
Grosvenor Square Riots
Issue 164
29 March 1968
Jim Callaghan Lord Matthews
Issue 441
10 November 1978
Issue 326
14 June 1974
Richard Nixon
Issue 310
2 November 1973
Mick Jagger Bianca Jagger
Issue 246
21 May 1971
The Queen Mother Princess Michael of Kent Prince Michael of Kent The Queen Prince Philip Prince Charles Princess Diana Prince Harry Prince William
Issue 648
17 October 1986
Cecil Parkinson Ann Parkinson
Issue 619
6 September 1985
Jimmy Carter
Issue 479
25 April 1980
Princess Anne Captain Mark Phillips
Issue 713
14 April 1989
Saddam Hussein
Issue 759
18 January 1991
Issue 757
21 December 1990
Saddam Hussein
Issue 749
31 August 1990
George Bush
Issue 758
4 January 1991
The Queen
Issue 1135
24 June 2005
Tony Blair
Issue 1048
22 February 2002
Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles
Issue 1032
13 July 2001
Tessa Jowell
Issue 1153
3 March 2006
David Cameron Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade)
Issue 1309
9 March 2012
Father Christmas
Issue 1330
21 December 2012
Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles
Issue 1353
15 November 2013
Nick Clegg Mike Thornton Nigel Farage Howling Laud Hope Ed Miliband John O'Farrell David Cameron Maria Hutchings
Issue 1335
8 March 2013
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Ukip’s Supreme Leader Purges Rivals: North Korean Times Exclusive!… Heist thieves not arrested: bankers avoid jail… Homophobic Russia Celebrates Eurovision Success… Qatar Builds State-of-the Art Prisons for World’s Media… Captain of Lib Dem Titanic to be Given Key Role… Those Extremist TV Highlights Mrs May Wants to Ban… The Letters of Bernard Berenson & Kenneth Clark, as told to Craig Brown.

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