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Issue: 1225
Date: 12 December 2008

On The Cover: Michael Martin Jill Pay

Jeremy Clarkson
Issue 1388
20 March 2015
Vladimir Putin
Issue 1387
6 March 2015
50 Shades Of Grey Tax Avoidance
Issue 1386
20 February 2015
Alexis Tsipras
Issue 1385
6 February 2015
Harold Macmillan Charles De Gaulle
Issue 29
25 January 1963
The Queen Basil D'Olivera
Issue 176
13 September 1968
Prince Charles
Issue 5
23 February 1962
Issue 57
21 February 1964
Jeremy Thorpe
Issue 369
6 February 1976
The Queen
Issue 311
16 November 1973
Michael O'Brien
Issue 323
3 May 1974
Harold Wilson
Issue 341
10 January 1975
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 731
22 December 1989
Christmas Harold Macmillan Denis Thatcher The Queen Margaret Thatcher Harold Wilson Jim Callaghan Alec Douglas-Home
Issue 626
13 December 1985
Jeffrey Archer Mary Archer
Issue 668
24 July 1987
Margaret Thatcher Ted Heath
Issue 495
5 December 1980
Mikhail Gorbachev Boris Yeltsin
Issue 775
30 August 1991
Princess Diana Prince William Prince Harry
Issue 833
19 November 1993
George Bush Barbara Bush
Issue 765
12 April 1991
Gerry Hayes
Issue 915
10 January 1997
Gordon Brown Sarah Brown
Issue 1188
6 July 2007
Tony Blair Michael Howard Charles Kennedy
Issue 1129
1 April 2005
Conrad Black Barbara Amiel
Issue 1189
20 July 2007
Iain Duncan Smith Betsy Duncan Smith
Issue 1065
18 October 2002
Prince William Kate Middleton
Issue 1323
21 September 2012
David Cameron Samantha Cameron
Issue 1376
3 October 2014
David Cameron Vladimir Putin Goerge Osborne Paul McCartney Stell McCartney Nancy Shevell Boris Johnson Nick Clegg Jeremy Hunt Rupert Murdoch Fiona Bruce
Issue 1320
10 August 2012
Peter Mandelson
Issue 1267
23 July 2010
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And also...

- Radio silence: The other big media group that sat on the tax avoidance story
- Leak stew: Fixers and shady sheikhs emerge from the HSBC shadows
- Telegraph timeline: Inside story of the once-great paper’s fall from grace
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