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Issue: 1082
Date: 13 June 2003

Vladimir Putin
Issue 1371
25 July 2014
Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade) Andy Coulson
Issue 1370
11 July 2014
Prince Charles
Issue 1369
27 June 2014
England Football Team
Issue 1368
13 June 2014
Alec Douglas-Home Christopher John Soames
Issue 64
29 May 1964
Ted Heath George Brown Harold Wilson Ian Smith
Issue 132
6 January 1967
Harold Wilson The Queen Pope Paul VI Marianne Faithful
Issue 136
3 March 1967
Issue 74
16 October 1964
Issue 279
25 August 1972
John Stonehouse
Issue 362
31 October 1975
Ted Heath
Issue 223
3 July 1970
Issue 298
18 May 1973
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 660
3 April 1987
Andre Previn Advanced Passenger Train
Issue 522
18 December 1981
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 707
20 January 1989
Margaret Thatcher Denis Thatcher Mark Thatcher Diane Thatcher
Issue 657
20 February 1987
Neil Hamilton Christine Hamilton
Issue 921
4 April 1997
Princess Diana John Major Robert Maxwell Cecil Parkinson
Issue 778
11 October 1991
The Queen Francois Mitterrand
Issue 845
6 May 1994
Saddam Hussein
Issue 748
17 August 1990
Tony Blair
Issue 1074
21 February 2003
Tony Blair Alastair Campbell
Issue 1084
11 July 2003
Adolf Hitler
Issue 1124
21 January 2005
The Queen Mother The Queen
Issue 1031
29 June 2001
David Cameron Vladimir Putin Goerge Osborne Paul McCartney Stell McCartney Nancy Shevell Boris Johnson Nick Clegg Jeremy Hunt Rupert Murdoch Fiona Bruce
Issue 1320
10 August 2012
Nick Clegg Mike Thornton Nigel Farage Howling Laud Hope Ed Miliband John O'Farrell David Cameron Maria Hutchings
Issue 1335
8 March 2013
England Football Team
Issue 1368
13 June 2014
David Cameron William Hague George Osborne Theresay May Philip Hammond House Of Commons
Issue 1348
6 September 2013
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John Sweeney loses temper with ‘Managementologists’… PHWOAR! What a Reshuffle!!… The Seven Stages of Grieve… Nick Clegg’s Saturday Kitchen Cocktail: The Flaming Idiot… How to throw a party for a one-year-old Royal baby… England Sportsmen set ‘Bad Example’… Memories of Test Match Special, with Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter, as told to Craig Brown

And also...

- Telegraphic Details: Former hack convicted of rape and other sex offences.
- How Authors Relax: A one-upmanship summer special
- Alive & Shipping: Scene and Heard watches live animal exports at Ramsgate
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