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Issue: 1044
Date: 28 December 2001

On The Cover: Prince Charles

Donald Trump
Issue 1411
5 February 2016
Rupert Murdoch Jerry Hall
Issue 1410
22 January 2016
David Cameron Simon Danczuk Karen Danczuk Claire Hamilton Prince Charles Ant McPartlin Dec Donnelly ISIS Jihadi
Issue 1409
8 January 2016
Issue 1408
21 December 2015
Lyndon B Johnson
Issue 113
15 April 1966
George Brown
Issue 129
25 November 1966
George Brown Harold Wilson Charles De Gaulle
Issue 134
3 February 1967
Harold Wilson Ian Smith
Issue 130
9 December 1966
Charles Manson
Issue 243
9 April 1971
Henry Kissinger John Vorster
Issue 385
17 September 1976
Ted Heath Douglas Hurd
Issue 234
4 December 1970
Denis Howell
Issue 384
3 September 1976
Ian Botham Viv Richards
Issue 644
22 August 1986
The Queen Mother Princess Michael of Kent Prince Michael of Kent The Queen Prince Philip Prince Charles Princess Diana Prince Harry Prince William
Issue 648
17 October 1986
John McEnroe
Issue 614
28 June 1985
Michael Foot Christmas
Issue 521
4 December 1981
John Major Norman Lamont
Issue 766
26 April 1991
John Prescott
Issue 955
24 July 1998
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 769
7 June 1991
Saddam Hussein
Issue 748
17 August 1990
Iain Duncan Smith Betsy Duncan Smith
Issue 1091
17 October 2003
Tony Blair Alastair Campbell
Issue 1056
14 June 2002
Tessa Jowell
Issue 1153
3 March 2006
Michael Martin Gordon Brown Joanna Lumley Margaret Moran Hazel Blears House Of Commons
Issue 1237
29 May 2009
David Cameron Nick Clegg Gordon Brown
Issue 1261
30 April 2010
Rupert Murdoch
Issue 1281
4 February 2011
Ed Miliband Ed balls
Issue 1324
5 October 2012
Alex Salmond The Queen
Issue 1389
3 April 2015
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16th February 2016
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Private Eye’s All-Purpose Celebrity Death Cut-out-and-Weep Article… Cameron to Send Son to Elite Prep School Cakelet Court… Bill Gates Goes Offshore for Desert Island Discs… Me and My Spooning, with Tuppence Middleton… North to be Moved South… Guardian Masterclasses: Coping with Redundancy… Tim Peake’s Diary, as tweeted to Craig Brown

And also...

- Hacking Watch: Possible lawsuits over hacking at the Screws shudder back to life
- EU referendum: Sceptics declare all-out war… with each other!
PLUS: Spad Behaviour at the Department of Health; Danczuk’s banana skin; & more.

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