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23 April 1982

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13 August 1982

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18 November 1983

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15 June 1984

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18 April 1986

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13 May 1988

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Royal Family Salutes Edward VIII… Cameron orders Britons to leave UK… Jihadis Split – ‘It’s All Over,’ Says John… Athens Latest: Prometheus Accepts Punitive Terms… Heracles and the 12 Conditions… Cameron Learns from Greece How to Negotiate with EU… That BBC Celeb Letter You Won’t Read… Tim Farron: Me and My Spoon… Marina Warner: What is a story? as told to Craig Brown.

And also...

- Heil Watch: Hurrah for the Mail & Mirror!
- Budget brief: George’s merciless medicine
- PLUS: Phone hacking latest; how Sun supergrasses are rewriting history; the SNP’s business-friendly New Girl; and Remote Controller on wither (geddit?) the BBC
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