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Issue 210
2 January 1970

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10 September 1971

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1 December 1972

Issue 289
12 January 1973

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Issue 381
23 July 1976

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4 February 1977

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15 April 1977

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31 July 1981

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14 April 1989

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15 September 1989

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9 January 2004

Issue 1307
10 February 2012

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10 Reasons Why Voting for Corbyn Will Lead to Civil War: Daily Mailograph Exclusive… It’s Brillo! The ‘Wedding of the Century’ Memorial Plate… Labour Demand Re-Run of General Election… Those Calais Songs of Praise Hymns They Didn’t Use… Santa Claus Handouts Probed by Accountants… A Level Gender Gap Widens as No Boy is Photographed Jumping for Joy

And also...

- Batman & Yentob: How neither got their stories straight in the Kids Company closure
- May day! Polls on why Labour lost the election still don’t tell the whole story
- PLUS: Fleeing Eritrea; a government gamble on super-fast gaming machines; and why the Corbyn tax figures don’t add up.
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Private Eye Issue 1398