No. 571 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
1 Odious credit overlaps exploited (6)
5 Graphite pencil's top a pain in the arse almost? (8)
9/20 Great performer makes rounded arses roll (4,4)
10 No stranger to clangers, Thatcher advisor appearing before press deserted by leader (4,6)
11 Ego-nursing, twisted snarly git dreaded by Voice contestants (10)
12/14 Got the hang of it? Wow, thanks – thaw out (4,5,4)
13 Cast of Hamlet "gutted" about Barney (5)
15 Like Bridget Jones gets Conservative countryman fired up? (5,3)
16 Trump at first is less obnoxious around one – moves off craftily (4,4)
18 Urchin backing – not good (5)
20 See 9ac. 21 Tired, being screwed unconscious (7,3)
24 Obscene tacky stuff that stinks? (4,6)
25 Pest control measure, like at box office (4)
26 Blatant racism: it's a double-edged sword? No (8)
27 Second hip replacement at new times, which is unfathomable (6)

2 Istanbul: trashy houses outside (5)
3 Spin-doctor's first appeal for airbrush practitioner? (7)
4 Pathetic GB due to get rid of pests (5)
5 Capitol, maybe, after capturing Illinois with dash (when will Trump's come to an end?)
6 Badly run internet undercover operation liable to end up 21? (9)
7 City needs to hit Dick soundly (7)
8 Engineered a rogering of a certain religious leader (9)
13 Article related to genital area, includes fifty people generally (3,6)
14 See 12ac. 17 Rag and shaft hot Ray (7)
19 Slanderous stuff hit hard – good for pain in the arse, perhaps? (3,4)
22 Shot kinky gusset end off (5)
23 Townish type initially ditching top cover (5)

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