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Number Crunching
4.5 months
Time until deadline EU has given UK to complete Brexit negotiations to give all parties enough time to sign off on deal
24 months
Time during which neither the Tories nor Labour have been able to agree within their own parties what their Brexit policies should be
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Mikhail Alenkin
In our article "A private jet for rotary club" (issue no 1464), we referred to Mr Mikhail Alenkin as an "arms dealer". Mr Alenkin has confirmed to us through his lawyers that he has never been involved in arms dealing, including in relation to brokering the sale of any military helicopters. We are happy to accept Mr Alenkin’s assurances and apologise to him for having wrongly described him in this way.
The article also referred to a private jet bought by Mr Alenkin and suggested, incorrectly, that its purchase was linked to a "shady" deal announced in January 2015 between AgustaWestland and Rosneft, with the jet being bought for use by a key Rosneft executive. Mr Alenkin has confirmed, in fact, that there was no connection between his purchase of the jet (in 2011) and the AgustaWestland/Rosneft deal (in 2015), and that the person referred to was approved to use the jet after he had left Rosneft. We are happy to make the position clear.
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Shortlist announced for the Paul Foot Award
Private Eye are proud to announce an outstanding shortlist for the 2018 Paul Foot Award for investigative and campaigning journalism, named after the great journalist and campaigner, who died in 2004.
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- Waugh story: How the Eye first exposed the Jeremy Thorpe scandal
- Bad boy baloney:
Something rotten in Isabel Oakeshott’s attic
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More troubling questions for insulation maker Celotex

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